Kanye Refuses To Take Off MAGA Hat

Kanye Refuses To Take Off MAGA Hat

During a recent interview with TMZ Kanye West refused to take off his MAGA hat after being urged to do so by interviewer Harvey Levin.

According to The Daily Wire:

During an interview with TMZ on Tuesday, host Harvey Levin begged Kanye West to take off his "Make America Great Again" hat to make him and others "feel better." Kanye did not oblige, but instead sang the praises of the First Amendment and stressed that he will not be bullied.

"I would love it, Kanye, if you would not wear that hat. It would make me and a lot of other people feel better," said Levin. "In fact, why don't we say, 'Please take off the hat, Kanye!' How's that?"

"It's not good," answered the artist, who recently told a Saturday Night Live audience that he was "bullied" for wearing his Trump "MAGA" hat.

Levin backed off, agreeing that Kanye has a "right" to wear the hat, though he doesn't like what it "stands for."

Kanye taunted the host by pointing out the First Amendment after refusing to give in to his ridiculous demands.

 Source: American Update

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