Keith Olbermann Slams Former MSNBC Colleagues

Keith Olbermann Slams Former MSNBC Colleagues
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Former MSNBC host  Keith Olbermann, who is known for his controversial takes is now trashing his former co-workers at the network.

According to Fox News:

Olbermann accused Maddow of being “mad” at him for leaving the network before she could exceed his ratings. As The Daily Beast reported, Maddow’s ratings eventually surpassed those of Olbermann's show.

“The bottom line for me is I contributed to their success and I was correct in my assessment. If I have any animosity toward it, it is that many of them have washed me out of their past in order to make it look like I did not have any influence in getting them to where they are,” Olbermann told BBC’s Ros Atkins.


In the BBC interview, Olbermann then turned his attention to Kornacki, the national political correspondent for MSNBC and NBC News, for being “one of the least grateful people” he ever worked with.

“He’s one of the least grateful people. I started him in television. He was my backup guy at Current TV. He’d never done any TV and I was sort of bringing him along,” Olbermann said. “And while he was doing that, he was negotiating with MSNBC. And now he has a show there.”

The article does point out that Maddow has given Olberman credit for helping her land the show, but apparently Olberman still has an ax to grind.

 Source: American Update

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