Kevin Sorbo Defends Christian Film Against Criticism

Kevin Sorbo Defends Christian Film Against Criticism
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Conservative star Kevin Sorbo defended his new faith based film 'The Reliant' in an interview with Fox News. As Fox News reports:

Kevin Sorbo isn’t afraid to turn up the heat with a faith-based action film.

The 61-year-old is starring in “The Reliant” as Rick, a father of five desperate to gather his family after finding himself surrounded by chaos as civil unrest explodes in his small town. But after the family is caught in a deadly crossfire, they retreat to the surrounding forest where their faith is tested. According to the synopsis, the eldest daughter Sophie (Mollie Gray) then begins to question the morality of gun ownership and ultimately comes to understand her family’s Second Amendment right to defend themselves...


Fox News: What can audiences expect from the “The Reliant”?

Kevin Sorbo: It's about the economic collapse of America. It deals with the dollar being totally devalued, pretty much. Think what's going on in Venezuela right now, and that's what this whole movie is really about. And you see riots break out, looting breaks out, it's the Wild West...

It's good to see a Christian patriot like Sorbo stand up for his faith. 
 Source: American Update

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