Left Wing View Co-host Attacks McConnell with Raunchy Insult

Left Wing View Co-host Attacks McConnell with Raunchy Insult
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Joy Behar, the View Co-host who has been an outspoken enemy of Donald Trump and his agenda, fired off a vile insult against Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell live on the air Wednesday.

Behar accused McConnell of opposing Trump on his plan for Tariffs on Mexican goods only because he had a financial interest in doing so. As Fox News reported:

During Wednesday's show, Behar kicked off her criticism of McConnell by suggesting he is only standing up to the president because tariffs would affect his own pocketbook.

But Behar didn't end her criticism of McConnell there -- instead leveling a crude insight at the leading Republican.

"Mitch McConnell finally found his testicles because it's near his wallet," she said.

The co-hosts were discussing Republican opposition to Trump on tariffs, a stand they suggested was long overdue given his other acts as president.

Why is it so hard for liberal celebrities to keep their mind out of the gutter when criticizing Republicans?
 Source: American Update

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