Liberal Celebs Planning Concerts In Swing States To Stop Trump

Liberal Celebs Planning Concerts In Swing States To Stop Trump
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Music Industry executives have decided to try and stop Donald Trump in 2020 by hosting a series of Anti-Trump concerts in swing states. As Breitbart reports:

Music industry executives are set to launch a concert campaign consisting of 46 concerts in key swing states to “help launch the Democratic presidential nominee into the White House using the inspirational power of music.”

Former music manager Kyle Frenette launched the partisan campaign – dubbed “46 for 46” – to “help elect the 2020 Democratic presidential nominee by working to increase civic engagement through music and pop culture.” Billboard advertises the effort as a “strategically planned series” featuring “unique concerts” in cities within the most crucial swing states. It aims to attract musicians who were either from or live in those specific states, and it has one messaging goal: Vote for anyone but President Trump.

The campaign, paid for by bpoliticalPAC, has already attracted artists such as Nathaniel Rateliff, Lissie, Bon Iver, Dashboard Confessional, Sylvan Esso, and Patty Griffin. The campaign is the brainchild of “longtime artist managers” Kyle Frenette and Christopher Moon, who decided to use their connections to attempt to defeat Trump in 2020...

The campaign goes beyond the concerts, with organizers planning to ask attendees to “Pledge 46,” which means “chatting with 46 people in their social circle about the Democratic nominee, donating money to the party or the candidate’s campaign ($4, $6 or $46 are the suggested amounts), or volunteering 46 hours of their time to canvassing, phone banking and other get out the vote efforts,” according to Billboard.

This news is perhaps the best indication of just how desperate Democrats and their Hollywood allies are to defeat Trump.

 Source: American Update

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