Liberal Tycoon Takes Jab At Trump

Liberal Tycoon Takes Jab At Trump
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Liberal activist and Hollywood Tycoon Rob Reiner is taking shots at Trump in an attempt to be relevant again. It's funny how all these dead names try to grasp for more power when they become less relevant and the only way they can do it is when they take a jab at Trump. Weak people! Here is Reiner's Tweet: This Tweet is as unhinged as they come by far, almost as bad at the pedophilia comments made towards Baron Trump from Peter Fonda. Disgusting! as Fox News Reports

The “When Harry Met Sally” producer – who is an outspoken critic of the president and often uses colorful language when doing so-- sent a follow-up tweet moments later.

“All the adult rats are leaving the infantile sinking ship,” Reiner wrote. “We have been invaded by and are being occupied by a hostile enemy. We have a childish moronic mentally unstable malignant narcissist POTUS who is committing Treason in front of our eyes. GOP, STEP THE F--K UP!”

Reiner wrote earlier in the week, “It’s clear. The President is a criminal. He has committed felonies. In the United States of America no one is above the law. There is nothing in the Constitution that says a President can’t be indicted. Donald Trump must be indicted.”

 Source: American Update

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