Liberals Outraged After Oscars Snub Female Directors

Liberals Outraged After Oscars Snub Female Directors
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The liberal media expressed its utter outrage after the nominees for the 2020 academy awards were announced, primarily due to the lack of female nominees. As The Daily Wire reports:

Following the unveiling of the 92nd annual Academy Award nominations, outrage has erupted in various corners of social media and the blogosphere over the complete absence of women filmmakers in the Best Director category, sparking outcries of sexism and patriarchal oppression.

During the presentation ceremony, actress Issa Rae echoed the frustrations of many when she specifically congratulated “those men” nominated for their achievements in directing.

“Congratulations to those men,” Rae said in a sarcastic quip recalling that of actress Natalie Portman when she famously stated “here are the all-male nominees” at the Golden Globes in 2018...

People were quick to voice their frustrations on social media in response to the “patriarchy” scoring yet another win.

It seems that the liberal feminists just can't win against the evils of the patriarchy.
 Source: American Update

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