Los Angeles Mayor Sticks Up for Trump

Los Angeles Mayor Sticks Up for Trump
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The mayor of Los Angeles just stood up for President Trump.

Breitbart reports:

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti on Wednesday came out against removing President Donald Trump’s Walk of Fame star after West Hollywood’s City Council voted in favor of the move.

“We should be focused less on sidewalk problems and more on replacing a Congress that enables him,” the 2020 White House hopeful said when asked if the president’s star should be removed. “You know, every moment we’re out there fighting these fights or just on our Twitter feed, our moments we could be registering votes and actually flipping this Congress.”

“That’s where I’m going to spend my energy,” Eric Garcetti added.

On Monday, the West Hollywood City Council voted unanimously for a resolution calling on the City of Los Angeles and Hollywood Chamber of Commerce to remove the star due to President Trump’s “disturbing treatment of women and other actions.”



 Source: American Update

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