Major Republican Breaks With Trump on Kaepernick

Major Republican Breaks With Trump on Kaepernick
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Florida Senator Marco Rubio believes Colin Kaepernick is talented enough to be in the NFL. 

While Rubio said he didn't know if there was any collusion by league owners against Kaepernick after the quarterback protested racial injustice and police brutality in the United States by kneeling during the national anthem, he said "if we're just talking football ... there aren't 63 better quarterbacks in the world," per TMZ Sports.

"I don't agree with what he did, but I support his right to do it," Rubio said of Kaepernick's kneeling.

The Republican senator's stance on Kaepernick and his belief he should be in the NFL stands in stark contrast to the rhetoric from the Republican president football fans were subjected to throughout the 2017 season.
 Source: Bleacher Report

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