Major TV Show Canceled After 27 Years

Major TV Show Canceled After 27 Years
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After 4,000 episodes, 27 years and countless chants of "Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!", the Jerry Springer Show is coming to an end.

Radar reports:

According to reports, the talk show was quietly cancelled this week. But it will live on in syndication, and producers said, “there is a possibility” that more original episodes could be ordered sometime in the future, if there is interest.
Springer, the former mayor of Cincinnati, started his crazy show back in 1991. The non-stop fisticuffs, bleeped swearing and blurred nudity made it an instant hit.

The 74-year-old hasn’t released a formal statement yet on the end of his era, but did address rumors of the show’s demise to ET‘s Kevin Frazier. “We’ve stopped production of the show,” Springer said. “Whenever you make changes, it’s sad.”

 Source: American Update

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