Maxim Model Admits Trump Support

Maxim Model Admits Trump Support
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A young Maxim model has recently come out as a Trump supporter and now states she is facing harassment for it.

According to The Daily Wire:

A 23-year-old model who's appeared in the likes of Maxim magazine finally came forward this month to express her support for President Donald Trump. Elizabeth Pipko, who worked full-time on the president's 2016 campaign, said she was tired of hiding her support, even if it meant she was risking future modeling jobs.

"I decided to volunteer for Donald Trump's presidential campaign in the spring of 2016. I never leaned liberal or conservative, but there was something about Trump — the way he spoke and his honesty — that had me convinced he was our next president," Pipko told the New York Post. "I worked in a call center in Trump Tower. Within eight weeks, I was hired as a national volunteer services coordinator for the data team and paid $4,000 a month."

"It was clear from the start that, if I wanted to survive in modeling," she said, "I couldn’t tell anyone about my new job."

Feeling pressure from industry colleagues and her own manager, Pipko kept the secret under wraps until January of this year.


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The model stated that she is comfortable announcing her support for Trump despite the possibility of ruining her modeling career.

 Source: American Update

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