Meghan McCain Slams Kellyanne Conway's 'Anti-Marriage'

Meghan McCain Slams Kellyanne Conway's  'Anti-Marriage'
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'View' co-host Meghan McCain, in a bizarre and nasty personal attack,  blasted White House advisor Kelly Anne Conway's marriage. As Fox News reports:

"The View" co-host Meghan McCain bashed White House adviser Kellyanne Conway's marriage, stating that she hoped none of her friends would end up in relationships like Conway's.

"I 100 percent don't want my friend to have a relationship like that at all, just so we're clear," she said on Thursday. "That's like the anti-marriage I want."

"The View" co-hosts were discussing relationships in which people held different political views, prompting co-host Joy Behar to mention Conway and her husband George, a prominent attorney...

Apparently anticipating criticism, McCain said she was going to keep criticizing the marriage "no matter what everybody thinks in the White House."

McCain is a self styled conservative but this hasn't stopped her from harshly criticizing President Trump and memebers of his staff in the past, seemingly to please her liberal viewers.
 Source: American Update

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