Megyn Kelly Angling to Shove Another 'Today' Host Out

Megyn Kelly Angling to Shove Another 'Today' Host Out
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Another day, another Megyn Kelly rumor has surfaced.

This time around, it is being claimed that Kelly is making efforts to befriend Kathie Lee Gifford hoping to slide in and take Hoda Kotb’s spot.

According to an insider, who spoke to Star Magazine, the former Fox News reporter is working overtime to get on Gifford’s good side.

The once serious journalist and tough interviewer has no trouble sipping wine and dancing to silly songs with Gifford. The same source went on to say that Kelly is often inviting Gifford out for drinks and dinner hoping they will create a bond.

The publication stated that Kotb was initially furious to discover Kelly’s moves and intention.
 Source: Celebrity Insider

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