Megyn Kelly: Every Shred of My Dignity is Gone

Megyn Kelly: Every Shred of My Dignity is Gone
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Megyn Kelly took the stage Tuesday dressed as country superstar Shania Twain in her Today Halloween Extravaganza debut, putting on her best impersonation of Twain’s iconic “Man! I Feel Like a Woman” music video routine.

The NBC morning show’s special Halloween episode saw Reba McEntire introduce Today anchors in their Halloween costumes as country music legends.

When asked by Matt Lauer, who performed in drag as Dolly Parton, how she felt to be all dressed up, Kelly said: “Every shred of my dignity is gone so I feel like I’m home.”

In a sit-down interview with Twain, Kelly admitted that the costume “gave me boobs where boobs didn’t exist, a waist where a waist didn’t exist, and a flat stomach. It’s all good.”
 Source: Breitbart

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