Megyn Kelly: 'Flipping Off' Trump is 'What America is All About

Megyn Kelly: 'Flipping Off' Trump is 'What America is All About
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Giving a vulgar gesture of insult to President Donald Trump is “one of our core ideals,” NBC host Megyn Kelly said Thursday.

In an interview with Juli Briskman, who recently made national headlines by “flipping off” President Trump as his motorcade passed her, Kelly declared the woman’s behavior “what America’s all about” – being able to make a crude, vulgar gesture of contempt to the president of the United States:

"To me, it speaks uniquely to what America's all about. You can do that," Kelly said, adding:

"That's the beauty of a free society. Whether you love President Trump or hate him, you are allowed to tell the president how you feel about him, whether it's President Obama or President Trump. That's one of our core ideals."
 Source: CNS News

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