Michael Moore Has A Message For Democrats

Michael Moore Has A Message For Democrats
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Michael Moore appeared on MSNBC recently and had a message for Democrats. The need to rev up their rhetoric if they are going to win.

According to The Daily Caller:

Liberal filmmaker Michael Moore, appearing on “All in with Chris Hayes” on MSNBC Wednesday, doesn’t think it’s time to tamp down the rhetoric. Instead, he urged his side to “rev it up.”

In a discussion about numerous suspicious packages sent to prominent Democrats over the past couple of days, Hayes asked, “You hear people talking about people need to tamp down the rhetoric on both sides, you hear that a lot, and unity. We need more unity. What do you think about that?”

Moore sarcastically laughed saying, “Well no, first of all, our side needs to rev it up, and we need to fight for these things that we feel strongly about.” Even Hayes seemed shocked by Moore’s statement and went into damage control interrupting Moore saying, “Nonviolently just to be clear?” “Of course we are nonviolent people. Nonviolent Democracy-based cures is what we stand for,” Moore replied.

While Moore was making his nonviolent statement, Hayes continued to try and help Moore walk back his comments, speaking over the filmmaker, saying “yes” eight times in about six seconds.

Moore is looking to ramp up the rhetoric as the rest of the country focuses on unity following the mail bomb scare.

 Source: American Update

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