Michael Moore's Shocking Comments About Trump, Impeachment

Michael Moore's Shocking Comments About Trump, Impeachment
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Left-wing activist and documentary filmmaker Michael Moore insists that impeaching President Donald Trump “shouldn’t be the main goal” for those vehemently opposed to his political agenda.

Speaking to The Washington Post ahead of his upcoming show Michael Moore TV Nation, Moore said that Trump is just one of many challenges faced by progressive activists and Democratic lawmakers looking to take back control of the government.

“Just getting rid of Trump, what does that do?” Moore said. “So we go back to the day before Trump, and was that that great a day? We have a lot of problems we have to fix. Yes, Trump has to go, but that shouldn’t be the main goal.”

The comments may indicate a change of heart for Moore, who last year asked his social media followers to sign a petition, launched by billionaire Democratic Party mega-donor Tom Steyer, urging Congress to open impeachment proceedings against President Trump.
 Source: Breitbart

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