Michael Rapaport Gets Political, Slams Snowflakes

Michael Rapaport Gets Political, Slams Snowflakes
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Anti-Trump actor Michael Rapaport has a message for 2020 presidential hopefuls and for snowflakes.

According to Fox News:

“This goes out to all my Democratic and independent snowflakes out there: Move on! OK, we don’t need to read the f---ing Mueller report,” Rapaport began his impassioned video speech. “They didn’t get D---stain, OK? They didn’t f---ing get him with the Russian thing.”

The star went on to call on 2020 Democratic hopefuls to move on to a different angle and to prepare for a real fight for the White House. While trying to encourage the candidates, he couldn’t help but dig into them as well.

“Dust yourselves off and figure out other ways to f--- him. Mainly, whoever’s gonna run against him representing the Democrats. That means you, Joe Biden. That means you, crying Cory Booker,” Rapaport continued. “Beto, or Beta, whatever the f--- your name is. And Bernie f---ing Sanders. Start training like it’s Rocky f---ing III.”

He continued: “And to all the people out there, stop whining, stop f---ing complaining. You don’t need to f---ing read the report. It’s over! Figure out another way to f--- D---stain Donald Trump. Because the Russian avenue, it didn’t work. We gotta move on. Now!”

The outburst by the actor and comedian was prompted by the release of the Mueller report.

 Source: American Update

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