Model's Husband ARRESTED for her Suspicious Death

Model's Husband ARRESTED for her Suspicious Death
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A Brazillian model was recently found dead and now her husband is under arrest for manslaughter.

According to Fox News:

The husband of Brazilian model Caroline Bittencourt, who drowned after being swept overboard by harsh storm winds last week, will be charged in connection with her death due to alleged negligence, according to local reports.

Jorge Sestini had set sail with Bittencourt after a weekend trip to Ilhabela, an archipelago off the southeast coast of Brazil, when they were caught in a storm on the way back. Authorities now accuse Sestini of ignoring warnings about the inclement weather conditions, resulting in his wife’s death.

According to G1 Global News, Sestini will be indicted for manslaughter following testimony from the marina owner, Leonardo Oliveira, that he was warned twice about the conditions being too dangerous.

Oliveira told the outlet he warned Sestini the Friday before he left that a “northwest wind” was in the forecast. Another warning was issued Sunday as the weather began to take a turn. However, by that time Sestini and Bittencourt were already on the water and in harm’s way.


Bittencourt modeled in Italy but was also involved in journalism as a TV reporter.

 Source: American Update

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