Moore Warns Dems: Biden Can't Beat Trump

Moore Warns Dems: Biden Can't Beat Trump
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Far-left filmmaker Michael Moore warned took to Twitter on Thursday to warn his fellow Democrats that a "professional politician" couldn't beat President Trump. As Fox News reports:

Liberal documentary filmmaker Michael Moore warned Democrats on Thursday night that picking a "professional politician" as their nominee will lead to four more years of President Trump.

Moore began by predicting that the 2020 Democratic candidate will earn 5 million more voters than Trump, but stressed that person can still lose the electoral college.

"We have to have a beloved American running, not a professional politician," Moore told "Late Night" host Seth Meyers. "You've got to have someone who inspires the base. The base, here, of the Democratic Party, are women, people of color, and young adults between 18-35. That's 70 percent of who's going to vote next year."...

"You couldn't wait to get to the polls... Who are you going to say that about of the 25 that are running? Right now, when you wake up a year from November, 'I can't wait to get to the polls so I can vote for... John Hickenlooper!'" Moore joked. "Or 'Joe Biden!' I love Joe Biden... but we gotta win!"

Moore's not entirely wrong. The problem for the Democrat party is that their entire roster of candidates is nothing but professional politicians, and none of them have a chance against Donald Trump.
 Source: American Update

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