MSNBC Cancels Conservative's Show

MSNBC Cancels Conservative's Show
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MSNBC announced Monday that the network has canceled the show of one of its few conservative hosts.

The Hollywood Reporter reports:

Almost exactly a year since it began, conservative host Hugh Hewitt's show is coming to an end at MSNBC after it failed to deliver satisfactory ratings for the network.

Hewitt announced the cancellation of the 30-minute Saturday 8 a.m. Hugh Hewitt Show on his program Saturday. "It's been great fun to bring interviews with high-profile newsmakers to you and I will do more of it, which brings me to an important programming note," he said. "This has been the last Hugh Hewitt Show on MSNBC on Saturday mornings."

Hewitt, who initially gained renown as a conservative radio commentator, will remain on the network as a contributor on shows including Meet the Press, where he promised to conduct more one-on-one interviews.

"It's been great fun to host this show and I'll see you on MSNBC soon. Thank you for watching," he said.

 Source: American Update

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