NASCAR Champion Joey Logano Visits Trump at White House

NASCAR Champion Joey Logano Visits Trump at White House
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President Trump welcomed NASCAR champion Joey Logano to the White House on Tuesday to congratulate him on his championship.

While there, the NASCAR champion made an interesting discovery in the White House library.

According to Fox News:

Reigning NASCAR champion Joey Logano visited the White House on Tuesday and received an enthusiastic welcome from President Trump.

Trump said he watches NASCAR "all the time" and is a longtime friend of Logano’s team owner, Roger Penske, who was also at the event.


Logano tweeted afterward that it was a moment he "will never forget,” which may not sound so surprising, but something he discovered during a tour of the executive residence definitely was surprising to him.

While visiting the library, the Ford driver spotted three bluish-grey books on a shelf that turned out to be a series about company founder Henry Ford and the automaker’s first six decades.

  Trump told the public and the people in attendance that Logano and his team are winners and so is NASCAR.

 Source: American Update

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