NASCAR Will Stop Race in Honor of Memorial Day

NASCAR Will Stop Race in Honor of Memorial Day
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NASCAR has announced that they will stop the Coca-Cola 600 for a moment of remembrance for Memorial Day.

According to Fox News:

NASCAR will pause the Coca-Cola 600 in the middle of the race on Memorial Day weekend for a moment of remembrance.

Charlotte Motor Speedway officials requested that the series make the gesture, which it did in 2009 when the Sunday race was moved to Memorial Day due to rain.

“People kept talking about that that was so impactful,” Charlotte Motor Speedway general manager Greg Walter told NBC Sports.

“So we asked can we do that again? Our sport is so prone to supporting the military and so prone to understanding what the Memorial Day is all about.”

The cars will apparently park in pit lane for the moment of remembrance and will be joined by their crew members.

 Source: American Update

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