NBC Show Mocks Christianity in Latest Episode

NBC Show Mocks Christianity in Latest Episode
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NBC’s Sunday night sci-fi drama, Timeless has joined Hollywood’s anti-Christian crusade by mocking Christianity, demeaning the practice of prayer, and insisting that,”God doesn’t exist.”

The series follows a group of government agents who use a time machine to track a murderous madman with his own time machine, who is bent on making major alterations in the timeline to destroy the United States both in the past and for the future. However, not an episode passes without a major politically correct theme being infused into the storyline. On Sunday, one of the heroes of the show went after Christianity.

The latest episode, “The Kennedy Curse,” sees Rufus (Malcolm Barrett) in a conversation about a “higher power” with fellow traveler Jiya (Claudia Doumit). Jiya asked Rufus if he ever thought there was “something bigger out there,” or a higher power in the universe. In reply, Rufus garbled the concept of prayer and mocked Christians for bothering.

In the scene, Jiya references the vision she is seeing that have guided the crew in their hunt for the evil time traveler who is trying to destroy the country. But the two also discuss the possibility of God.
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