Nevada Tour Owner Warns 'Storm Area 51' Participants Not To Go

Nevada Tour Owner Warns 'Storm Area 51' Participants Not To Go
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The owner of a Nevada tour company is warning attendees of the upcoming 'Storm Area 51' event to be extremely careful. As Fox News reports:

Area 51 is popularly known as the site of rumored government studies of outer space aliens. The "Storm Area 51" Facebook event went viral in July as people pledged to crash the secret military base in an attempt to "see them aliens." More than 3 million Facebookusers have now said they are going, with over 1.4 million replying they were interested.

After going viral, the event — which started as a joke — spurred two rural Nevada counties to draft emergency declarations, with local law enforcement planning to team resources with the state and neighboring counties ahead of the Sept. 20-22 events.

Tryon, the owner of Las Vegas Adventure Tours and operator of GetYourGuide's Area 51 tour, told Fox News on Monday that his company won't be taking customers out into the area from Sept. 19 to 22 out of concerns that things could "get difficult," including the possibility that the few gas stations in the area may run out of fuel.

"We have to think first of the safety of their customers," he said. "I don't think putting a customer in that kind of situation is a safe choice."

Although it apparently started as a joke, the event could very well turn into an absolute debacle as Area 51 is an extremely secret military base, and it is unlikely the individuals guarding it will take kindly to a mob attempting to 'storm it.'
 Source: American Update

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