New 'Avengers' Movie Breaking Records

New 'Avengers' Movie Breaking Records
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The new movie "The Avengers" is reportedly breaking records all over the world.

According to The Daily Wire:

So will the grand finale of the Avengers series be able to top its blockbusting predecessor? Not only is "Endgame" on pace to replace "Infinity War" as the top-grossing Avengers film, it's poised to take out the highest grossing film ever, "Star Wars: The Force Awakens."

Box Office Mojo has provided a breakdown of the box office numbers so far for "Endgame," and they are stunning: It has grossed the most in single-day receipts in many countries in which it's opened, including China, where it's already taken in $169 million (with preview showings included). The second-biggest international box office gross is South Korea, where the film also earned record first-day numbers, $8.4 million.

"Debuts in Australia ($7m), Philippines ($3.9m), Hong Kong ($2.7m), Taiwan ($2.6m), Thailand ($2.4m) and Malaysia ($2m) were all single day records," Box Office Mojo reports, as was the film's $2.5-million opening in Indonesia. "Endgame" earned the second highest single-day receipts in Italy ($5.8m) and the third highest in Germany ($5.6m). In France, it scored the highest gross of all the Avengers films ($6m).

Domestically, the film is poised to potentially surpass the $937 million-grossing "Force Awakens." Citing, Box Office Mojo says "Endgame" has already sold out 8,000 showtimes and "has now officially become the company's largest pre-seller," surpassing J.J. Abrams first Star Wars film.

The increased demand is making theaters announce new showtimes with the movie playing every hour in some locations.

 Source: American Update

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