New Book Takes Aim at Political Targets

New Book Takes Aim at Political Targets

A new book is taking aim at President Trump, Rudy Guiliani, and Governor Andrew Cuomo for their different missteps.

According to Page Six:
Charles Gargano settles some scores with Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani, Andrew Cuomo and Larry Silverstein in his new book. The longtime Republican rainmaker confusingly titled his tome“From the Ground Up,” the same as that of ex-Starbucks CEO and presidential hopeful Howard Schultz’s memoir.

Gargano blasts Giuliani for getting a Coney Island baseball stadium built for a Mets minor league team.

“He hammered the project through just so he could say he brought baseball back to Brooklyn,” Gargano writes. “That’s the dark side of vision. It’s called megalomania.” The park opened in June 2001, while Giuliani was mayor.

As for Gov. Andrew Cuomo? “Not the man his father was. He’s almost as bad as [New Jersey’s Chris] Christie in terms of wasting the state’s money for the sake of image.”
The book goes on to discuss how everything has to be about Trump to Trump and that worries the author.

 Source: American Update

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