New Details On Anthony Bourdain Surface

New Details On Anthony Bourdain Surface

New details have surfaced on Anthony Bourdain's state of mind right before his death. Celebrity Chef Andrew Zimmern and personal friend of Bourdain opened up about his last conversation with the troubled star.

According to The Smokeroom:

Anthony Bourdain’s close friend and fellow celebrity chef Andrew Zimmern recounted his final conversation with the late CNN host this week.

The two men’s final conversation revolved around achieving happiness having friends to back you up.

“He was telling me about pursuing my own happiness and he gave me his long sort of speech about it, that I deserved to be happy and I was like, ‘That is so great, where did you get that little nugget?'” Zimmern told People Magazine.

Zimmern added that he had a similar conversation with Bourdain five years prior.

These are tragic details about the star who ended up hanging himself in a hotel room in France. It seems like he had a good support system, but it just wasn't enough.

 Source: American Update

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