O'Reilly Breaks With Trump in Epic Rant

O'Reilly Breaks With Trump in Epic Rant
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Bill O'Reilly has regularly sided with President Trump since he took office — but a rant on Twitter shows his breaking point in supporting him.

Newsmax reports:

Conservative political commentator and author Bill O'Reilly on Monday assailed the Trump administration for adhering to a zero-tolerance immigration policy that separates children from their illegal immigrant parents.

In a tweet, O'Reilly warned the administration "will not win on this one."

O'Reilly — noting "the government should know how bad this looks and how innocent children are actually suffering" — linked to an account of former first lady Laura Bush's criticism of the separation policy as "cruel."

O'Reilly typically aligns with President Donald Trump on policy, but has joined a growing chorus from both sides of the aisle who have condemned the policy of taking away children from parents who illegally cross the southern U.S. border with Mexico.

 Source: American Update

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