Omarosa Banned?

Omarosa Banned?
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Omarosa may be banned from CNN according to a new report.

According to Page Six, Don Lemon passed on an interview with Omarosa when offered one of the first interviews with her.

Additionally, the report says CNN booked an appearance with her for Jake Tapper's Sunday show, but then cancelled.

Page Six reports:

Another source said CNN was initially only interested in booking commentators who would trash-talk the reality-show vixen. “They only wanted to book guests with nothing positive to say about her. They were specifically looking for people who would provide a more negative slant when discussing Omarosa,” the source said.

CNN did not comment for PageSix's story so one might wonder if their waiting for the other shoe to drop. Does the network know something about Omarosa or her new book that may be come forward in the near future? 

 Source: American Update

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