Pelosi Claims 'Some' Democrat 'Faves' Likely Implicated In Epstein Sex Trafficking Scandal

Pelosi Claims 'Some' Democrat 'Faves' Likely Implicated In Epstein Sex Trafficking Scandal
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The high-powered daughter of Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi took to Twitter on Saturday to announce that she suspected that many Democrat and Republicans insiders very well may be implicated in the Jeffrey Epstein sex trafficking scandal. As The Daily Caller reports:

Democratic Party insider Christine Pelosi sounded the alarm bells Saturday over the arrest of financier Jeffrey Epstein on new sex trafficking charges.

The Democratic National Committee member and daughter of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called the Epstein case “horrific” and predicted that some high-level names from both the Democratic and Republican parties could be “implicated” in the legal proceedings.

“This Epstein case is horrific and the young women deserve justice,” Pelosi tweeted. “It is quite likely that some of our faves are implicated but we must follow the facts and let the chips fall where they may – whether on Republicans or Democrats.”


Police arrested Epstein Saturday on new sex trafficking charges that resulted from renewed interest in allegations that go back almost two decades. Epstein has been accused of hiring underage girls for massages and sex that allegedly occurred at his homes in Palm Beach and New York City. He also has a retreat in the Virgin Islands that is reportedly known as “Orgy Island.”

The ominous tweet has sent shockwaves through political circles. Which high profile figures will be caught up in Epstein's web of perversion.

 Source: American Update

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