PGA Legend Praises Trump, Says He's 'Proud to be An American'

PGA Legend Praises Trump, Says He's 'Proud to be An American'
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President Trump praised PGA legend John Daly and called him "a very special guy" after the golfer shared a picture of the two playing golf together. As The Daily Mail reports:

President Donald Trump spent the third day of his summer vacation hitting the links with PGA pro golfer John Daly, whom he said is a 'special guy' after the athlete declared it 'one of the greatest days of my life' in a post on social media.   

Daly shared a photo of himself in patriotic pants that replicated the American flag, standing next to a Trump and a golf cart bearing the presidential seal. 

The president - wearing one of signature Make America Great Again hats and a white polo with the White House's logo on it - gave the camera a thumbs up.

In the caption, Daly wrote: 'I’m proud to be an AMERICAN, especially w/this man leading our country! One of the greatest days of my life! Thx you for a great day #potus #dad are the best!' 

It's heartwarming to see two American patriots who love their country as much as Trump and Daly do supporting each other. Especially as Democrats do everything they can to undermine the President and bring socialism to America. 
 Source: American Update

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