President Trump Beating Meryl Streep in Popularity

President Trump Beating Meryl Streep in Popularity
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After a 40 year career, three Oscars, and nearly achieving something close to sainthood status due to her anti-Trump activism, Meryl Streep’s fall from grace over the Harveywood scandal is near complete. A new poll shows that her reputation is in tatters, and that no one with any sense believes she “knew nothing” about the alleged predations of Harvey Weinstein, a man she once called “God.”

Streep’s problems began back in 2003, when the now-69 year-old actress was caught on television giving a standing ovation to a fugitive child rapist, director Roman Polanski, a monster who drugged, raped, and sodomized, a 13 year-old girl. After confessing to this crime, he fled from justice.

The Polanski problem returned in 2009, when Streep was caught on video lamenting the fact that the child rapist had been arrested in Switzerland at the request of a United States government hoping to extradite him. Streep said, “I’m very sorry that he’s in jail.”

All of this came back to haunt Streep earlier this year when she used the occasion of the Golden Globes to lie about President Trump mocking the disability of a dishonest reporter. Standing before the country wrapped in her own virtue, Streep savaged our new president for something he did not do.
 Source: Breitbart

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