President Trump Slams John Legend, 'Filthy Mouthed Wife' In Tweet Storm

President Trump Slams John Legend, 'Filthy Mouthed Wife' In Tweet Storm
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**WARNING: This story contains graphic language**

President Trump called out singer John Legend and his wife on Sunday via Twitter, prompting an unhinged reaction from the stars. As Fox News reports:

President Trump late Sunday took to Twitter to identify his own success in criminal justice reform and called out celebrities for not acknowledging his efforts, namely singer John Legend and his "filthy mouthed wife" Chrissy Teigen.

Trump blasted the singer and his wife “for talking now about how great” the reform is, but not playing a role when it mattered.  Trump signed the First Step Act into law last year that reduces mandatory minimum sentences in certain instances and gives judges more discretion. More than 3,100 inmates will be released under the act, which has been praised by both Republicans and Democrats...


Teigen called the president a “p***y a** b***h” for tagging “everyone” but her in his tweet. Legend, in a  tongue-in-cheek
appeal, requested that followers not to retweet the vulgar comment as a hashtag.


Legend, 40, and his wife have been fierce critics of the president. The Grammy winner called Trump a “piece of s***” and a canker sore on the country after the president’s criticism of Baltimore.

It seems Legend and Teigen just couldn't stop themselves from letting their foul and revolting personalities shine through after President Trump called them out. Their responses were truly strange and troubling.
 Source: American Update

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