Pro-Trump Author Claims Media's Trump Approach Backfired

Pro-Trump Author Claims Media's Trump Approach Backfired
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A new book released by pro-Trump author Brent Bozell claimed the media's radical approach to President Trump backfired on them.

According to Fox News:

A new book, “Unmasked -- Big Media's War Against Trump,” examines how the media tried to destroy President Trump but destroyed themselves instead, co-author L. Brent Bozell III told Fox News.


“Their goals were two-fold. One was to prevent Donald Trump from becoming president and then to remove him,” Bozell said. “It’s not just an utter betrayal of their profession, but it’s also bringing into question a real challenge to democracy, where they don’t accept the will of the people and, through a campaign that includes absolute dishonesty, they are trying to create an atmosphere where the public will throw a duly elected president out of office. It’s dangerous stuff.”

Bozell says there are three reasons why once-respected journalists have pivoted to anti-Trump punditry. He feels that some want to protect media darling President Obama’s legacy, other sincerely hate Trump and many organizations made “crass, calculated” business decisions to reach a certain demographic.


Bozell said that many CNN reporters, specifically, see themselves as “trying to save America,” but he doesn’t think they’re making much of an impact with dismal ratings to coincide with the network’s alleged anti-Trump programming strategy.

The author notes that CNN's audience each night is less than one percent of the population of the U.S. making them even more significant.

 Source: American Update

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