Radio Host Slams Elizabeth Warren Over Her Native American Claims

Radio Host Slams Elizabeth Warren Over Her Native American Claims
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Syndicated Radio host Charlamagne The God went after Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren on Wednesday and Thursday over her claims of Native American Heritage. As The Daily Wire reports:

In an interview on FOX Business Network’s "Kennedy," host Lisa “Kennedy” Montgomery spoke to nationally syndicated radio host Charlamagne Tha God about his recent interview with Warren, whom he compared to Rachel Dolezal.

"But a lot of people want to ride that oppression train like Elizabeth Warren," Montgomery said. "And I thought that you offered her some pretty pointed questions about her declaration of being Native American. And you compared her to Rachel Dolezal, which was a very fair comparison."

"Yes, people acting like that comparison was so off," Charlamagne Tha God responded. "But, I mean, if you were saying that you are a Native American and you got some type of benefit from that, and she said she didn't, but — how does she know she didn’t?"

"Then why would you put it on your Bar Association card?" Montgomery asked, referencing Warren. "And the universities where she was teaching and trying to get jobs, and why were the universities marketing your color in a way that made them look more inclusive?"

It seems that more and more people are growing wise to Warren's victimhood charade. 

 Source: American Update

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