Radio Station Reverses Ban on Iconic Song

Radio Station Reverses Ban on Iconic Song

The radio station that banned "Baby, It's Cold Outside" has reversed its decision after facing backlash.

According to The Daily Wire:

Sometimes the crowd is full of stupid. But sometimes the crowd is full of wisdom. A Bay Area radio station's decision to lift the ban on the popular Christmas song "Baby, It's Cold Outside" due to an audience poll is an example of the latter.

According to CBS News, San Francisco's KOIT radio station will be returning the allegedly controversial "Baby, It's Cold Outside" to the airwaves this season after audiences overwhelmingly expressed disapproval of the ban.

The ban occurred last week when KOIT Program Director Brian Figula announced the station would be shelving the song while asking listeners for feedback. In the end, "Baby, It's Cold Outside" won the day.

"After hearing from thousands of Bay Area listeners via polling, phone calls, emails and social media, KOIT has concluded that the vast majority consider the song to be a valuable part of their holiday tradition, and they still want to hear it on the radio," Figula said in a statement on Monday.

The poll on whether to ban it showed that over 75% of listeners did not want the song to be banned.

 Source: American Update

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