Rapper Cardi B is not Happy With the IRS

Rapper Cardi B is not Happy With the IRS
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Rapper Cardi B recently went on a video rant about high taxes and the IRS.

According to The Daily Caller:
Cardi B has gone off on another outstanding rant, and you’re not going to want to miss this one.

Barstool Sports posted a video late Tuesday on Twitter of the superstar rapper complaining about how the IRS takes 45 percent of every paycheck, how it costs a lot of money to be famous and best of all how taking care of your family is “not tax reductable.”

You just hate to see things that aren’t “tax reductable”! Watch the amazing video below.

I hate to fact check such a financially literate woman, but the IRS isn’t taking 45 percent of every paycheck she gets. According to Smart Asset, federal taxes and FICA account for less than $400,000 on your first million made.

Cardi B has a point, taxes are incredibly frustrating, even when you get the percentage wrong.

 Source: American Update

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