Rita Moreno Gives One Finger Salute to President on Live TV

Actress Rita Moreno decided it would be appropriate to give the finger to the president while appearing on "Jimmy Kimmel Live".

According to Fox News:

“You’ve met everybody over the years. Have you ever met Donald Trump, the president of the United States?” Jimmy Kimmel asked.

“You know, I did,” Moreno responded. “It was memorable too. It has to be memorable, right, with that man?”

The “West Side Story” star told Kimmel how she and her husband were invited to a cocktail party that was honoring New York Governor Mario Cuomo at Trump’s penthouse apartment.

“What a shocking experience. First of all, everything, everything was gold. Everything was gold. It was like new rich people,” Moreno told Kimmel. “But what really amazed me was the frescos on the ceiling like Michelangelo. They had those in his apartment!”

After giving the finger to the president Moreno revealed that President Trump told her the price of everything in the apartment.

 Source: American Update

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