Rob Lowe Set to Host New Game Show on Fox

Rob Lowe Set to Host New Game Show on Fox
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Actor Rob Lowe recently opened up about a new game show he will be hosting on Fox.

According to Fox News:

Rob Lowe is taking on a new challenge — hosting and producing the ultimate mental obstacle course.

The “West Wing” alum spoke to Fox News on Monday about FOX’s newest game show and what viewers can expect from the high-intensity contest of mental fortitude.

“We've all seen shows where people are really good at puzzles and knowledge and all of that stuff and they're standing at a buzzer and they hit it in a studio and it's all good,” said Lowe, 55.

“We want to make an obstacle course for the mind. So we have our contestants in our $4.5 million arm called Ava that is swinging them around subjecting them to extreme physical pressures while they're facing the clock — while they're having to prove their knowledge. So it truly is an obstacle course for the mind.”

The show will begin airing on Tuesday nights on Fox. Lowe also said he has enjoyed meeting all of the contestants who range from Astronauts to stay at home moms. 

 Source: American Update

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