Roseanne Returns to Stand-Up Comedy

Roseanne Returns to Stand-Up Comedy
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Roseanne is now attempting to make a comeback. This time she is returning to stand-up comedy.

According to Fox News:

Roseanne Barr went back to her stand-up comedy roots on Saturday with another controversial comedy legend: Andrew Dice Clay.

Clay, 61, was onstage at the Laugh Factory in Las Vegas when the owner approached him and told him that a special guest had arrived.

"A close friend of mine, I'd say about 33 years," he told the crowd. "There haven't been many as controversial, as outspoken or as f—kin' funny. Let's hear it for Roseanne Barr!"

Barr received a standing ovation from most of the audience in what was her first live performance since ABC canceled the "Roseanne" reboot last May.

The report indicates that Roseanne was nervous before her appearance on stage but once the audience laughed she settled in.

 Source: American Update

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