Roseanne's Costars Turn on Her

Roseanne's Costars Turn on Her
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It's not a good day for Roseanne Barr. 

Radar reports:

Roseanne Barr will not be missed!

Two months after the actress’s show was cancelled by ABC, her costars are returning for a Roseanne reboot—and she’s not invited!

While some of the stars stood up for her following her shocking racist Twitter scandal, others completely disagreed with her offensive remarks and are thrilled she won’t be returning to the series. “Roseanne isn’t really that easy to work with. It was her show and her name was above the title, which made her the boss, however, her mood on set affected everybody. Many days she could be really, really mean!” a source told Straight Shuter.

As exclusively reported, Barr, 65, has been begging pals like Jerry Seinfeld for a career comeback after her firing, but she just can’t catch a break!

“Roseanne is many things, but ‘happy’ and ‘fun’ are not it,” the insider continued. “She was always tired and grumpy at tapings and really didn’t seem to want to be back on her new show at all!”

 Source: American Update

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