Roseanne Slams ABC Over Firing

Roseanne Slams ABC Over Firing
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Roseanne recently launched an attack on ABC over the way she was fired.

According to Fox News:

Roseanne Barr returned to the stand-up stage once again earlier this week, only this time it was to directly call out her former network, ABC, for firing her and killing off her character.

The highly debated comedian appeared at the Laugh Factory in Las Vegas during a March 16 show by fellow comedian Andrew Dice Clay. The comedian, who is no stranger to controversial material of his own, introduced Barr as a friend of his for “about 33 years.”


“Dear ABC, when you asked me back to once again bail out your s---, f---ing, low-rated network, I did so with the same vigor I’ve always rocked, and I delivered you the highest ratings that you had in ten f---ing years,” she said to a supportive crowd. “At the first sign of controversy, you killed me off with a drug overdose.”

Bar concluded by saying: “But you know what, I ain’t dead b----es.”

Roseanne has recently been hosting a talk show on YouTube while she awaits the right opportunity to get back into TV.

 Source: American Update

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