'Roseanne' Spinoff Gets Closer to Production

'Roseanne' Spinoff Gets Closer to Production
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The spinoff of hit show 'Roseanne' is closer than you might think.

Dlisted reports:

Roseanne Barr’s holy conscious may finally be cleared, everyone!  No, not because she’s stopped being offensive, racist or crazy–that’s not what’s been keeping her up at night.  Roseanne (pictured above with the one black person she knows, 8-year-old co-star, actress Jayden Rey) no longer needs to worry her pure soul about putting a bunch of wealthy Caucasian actors out of work: the Roseannespinoff is close to confirmed!

The Hollywood Reporter heard from sources that the spinoff is moving into a new phase of confirmation after Mrs. Mein Kampf agreed to not:

“…participate financially or creatively in the proposed spinoff…”

Since Barr is responsible for originally creating the characters, she’s entitled to a monetary slice of that highly-rated, highly-lucrative television pie.  And as the highest rated show of last season, that’s one BIG-OLD-motherfucking pie.  We’re talking Grey’s Anatomy season three numbers, bitch.  We’re talking MONEY.  Currently, negotiations have focused on what kind of “go-away money” Roseanne will be getting to stay away from the series. It’s hard being Roseanne.  You get fired from your highly-paying show only to be paid a shit-ton of money to stay gone?  That’s tough.  When I worked at a department store and called a rude customer an “evil fuck from Hell” no one offered me money to stay away.

While Middle-America is creaming themselves for the next season, it’s not totally a done deal yet as sources:

“…caution that the precarious nature of the negotiations and Barr’s volatile disposition could change the situation before a deal is closed.” 

 Source: American Update

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