Rosie O'Donnell Leads Migrant March, Calls Trump a 'Fascist'

Rosie O'Donnell Leads Migrant March, Calls Trump a 'Fascist'
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Far-left celebrity Rosie O'Donnell lashed out at President Trump once again on Friday, while attending a march against border enforcement. As Breitbart reports:

Rosie O’Donnell attended one of the many far-left vigils across the country Friday night, protesting migrant shelters and amping up fellow activists to “take the fascist out of the White House.”

O’Donnell spoke at the vigil in New York City Friday night, asking the crowd to “look around” and see what “America stands for.”

“The signs are beautiful. The sentiment here is beautiful. Don’t forget people. Look around. This is who we are,” she said. “This is what America stands for. All colors all shapes all sizes, all nationalities, sexualities, genders, transgender.”

“Freedom is what we were founded on. Freedom and decency are what we must demand from this government and never stop. Never forget until we take the fascist out of the White House,” the actress said to applause.

O'Donnell has continued to become increasingly unhinged and incoherent as Trump's Presidency has persisted. It's hard to find a more perfect example of Trump Derangement Syndrome in action. 
 Source: American Update

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