Sandler Returns Triumphantly to 'SNL' to Portray Trump

Famed former "SNL" comedian Adam Sandler returned to the show after 24 years and according to reports, killed it.

According to Fox Business:

Adam Sandler "crushed it" during his return to “Saturday Night Live” (SNL) 24 years after leaving the show, longtime actor, comedian and SNL alum Joe Piscopo said.


“When he went up there … his opening was great and he did some self-deprecatory … humor and he was so funny about it, you know, saying, I haven't been here and he got fired from SNL, he said. I even know he got fired from SNL, but ... you know what was great about it? It was comedy as it should be. It was SNL as it should be. They did what they do best and that was be funny.”


"Trumpa, dumpa, Trumpa, dumpa," Sandler sang. "I make-a the wall, I play-a the golf, and they take-a the fall."

“That was very funny,” said Piscopo, “but don’t forget he took a shot at the Democrats, too, of all the 2020 candidates running for president on the Democratic side, but it was fair and it was really kind of balanced. They always have to take that obligatory hit at the president.”

Sandler also gave an emotional tribute to his good friend and an "SNL" icon the late Chris Farley.

 Source: American Update

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