Scarlet Johansson Thinks the Democrat Party is Broken

Scarlet Johansson Thinks the Democrat Party is Broken
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In a recent interview, Scarlet Johansson stated that she thinks the Democrat party is broken.

According to The Daily Wire:

In recent interview, "Avengers: Endgame" star Scarlett Johansson said the Democratic Party is "broken in a lot of ways" and "damaged from these past several years."

Speaking with Variety on Thursday, the actress said that she has to do a "little soul searching" before she decides upon who to vote for in 2020.

"Although now is certainly the time to back someone," she told Variety, in comments highlighted by Fox News. "I think I have to do a little soul searching. I think the Democratic Party is broken in a lot of ways and just damaged from these past several years. For me, if there was one candidate that I felt we could all unite behind, certainly that would be the candidate that I would back."

"They're out there, certainly. I mean it's been a strange few weeks," she continued. "I think it was clear and then it became sort of unclear."

Johansson was given the opportunity to comment on Joe Biden entering the race and his past conduct but she declined to answer specifically.

 Source: American Update

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