Sean Hannity Issues Jimmy Kimmel a Challenge

Sean Hannity Issues Jimmy Kimmel a Challenge
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A day after Jimmy Kimmel offered to put an end to his feud with Sean Hannity, the Fox News host responded on his show Monday night by accepting Kimmel's truce and inviting him on his show for a "serious discussion."

Hannity told viewers that he read Kimmel's statement and thought it seemed like a "forced, Disney corporate apology," but said that he believes that everyone should accept apologies. ABC, home of Kimmel's late night show, is a Disney subsidiary.

"I really do kind of enjoy a good fight," Hannity said. "I do agree with Jimmy in the sense it's time to move on."

The Fox News host then explained how this fight was never about him or Kimmel but rather about the level of hatred and vitriol towards the president from the left and the media. The Fox host then extended an invitation to Kimmel to appear on "Hannity."
 Source: CNN

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