Silverman Claims Lindsey Graham Will Go To Jail Over This

Silverman Claims Lindsey Graham Will Go To Jail Over This
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Far-left actress Sarah Silverman took to Twitter on Thursday to tell Republican Senator Lindsey Graham that he would be going to jail for "crimes against humanity." As Breitbart reports:

Far-left actress-comedian Sarah Silverman told Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) on Twitter Thursday that he will “go to jail” for his part in “crimes against humanity” – a direct reference to his support for fundamental enforcement of immigration law at the U.S. border.

“Oh, I understand what is going on at the border, Daddy,” Silverman wrote in response to Graham’s tweet. “My only solace is that after all this you will go to jail for your part in crimes against humanity. Ps- What happened to you? Do you know?”


It remains unclear what “crimes against humanity” Sen. Graham has taken part in and will be — as Silverman suggests — jailed for.

The former Hulu talk show host’s comment was in response to Graham, who seemingly responded to remarks made by Democrat presidential candidates on the stage in Detroit — namely Julián Castro — who dismissed open borders as a “right-wing talking point.”

Silverman has long had an unhinged persona and is frequently out of touch with reality. Senator Graham has been a stalwart ally of  President Trump with an unimpeachable character. As usual, it appears she has no idea what she's talking about.
 Source: American Update

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