SNL Star Shreds Show for Hypocrisy, Criticizing Trump

SNL Star Shreds Show for Hypocrisy, Criticizing Trump
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Former “Saturday Night Live” star ripped his former show’s constant digs at President Donald Trump after inviting him on set as a guest host in 2015 during the campaign.

“It certainly feels like there’s some hypocrisy there,” Killam told NPR in an interview to promote his upcoming movie Killing Gunther. “I guess you could say, ‘Oh, they’re righting wrongs.’ And I don’t even think it’s righting wrongs,” said Killam, who was released a year early by NBC and producer Lorne Michaels from his seven-year contract.

“The show tries to — and in particular, Lorne’s outlook is — play to both sides. Play to the masses, play to whatever the popular opinion is,” he said. “But, boy, they could definitely mine some comedy out of owning up to it, huh?” Killam also recalled the “rough” experience taping the Trump-hosted  episode on November 7, 2015, which the actor described as “not enjoyable at the time” and added that it “only grows more embarrassing and shameful as time goes on.”

“Looking back … there’s nothing good I can take from that week,” Killam continued. “Because he’s not an enjoyable person to be around — he’s from a different class; he’s from a different way of life. There was never any common ground.”
 Source: The Wrap

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